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A Few Recent Client Testimonials

     “They were all wonderful!! Mother & Child was the BEST baby gift we could have ever received! The nurses were loving and caring – treating Ella as thou she was their own. We anxiously awaited their arrival each night, excited for a good nights rest and not a single worry about our baby.”

     “Mother &  Child changed our lives!! Being new parents, my husband and I struggled with so many of the questions everyone has with a new baby & the sleep deprivation.  But, from the moment we met our baby nurses from Mother & Child, it was love at first sight!!  I would have a list of questions for them almost every night and little by little they built our confidence up to be the mom and dad we knew we could be. My husband used to refer to our nights sleep as a trip to the Bahamas! It was the best thing we ever dir for our family.” 

      “Kerry was wonderful! She got us through  a very difficult time in our lives with my husband in New York and three children under three.  She was wonderful with all three kids.  We had nothing but a wonderful experience with Mother & Child for two of our children. We only wish we had known about the service for our first child. Every baby nurse was loving, helpful, nurturing and fabulous to work with. “

        “We loved every night that Kate & Kathy were here with us. Not only could we sleep but thy both taught us so much about parenting and helped boost our confidence in caring for our twins.” 

        “Mother & Child truly provides the highest quality of postpartum care that any new mom could ask for.  The women who supported us and cared for our new baby were professional, warm and caring and instilled in us complete trust.  We would recommend Mother & Child to any family welcoming a newborn - their assistance during this time of transition is truly priceless.”

      “Thank you so much for all your help.  Kerry and Jessie were able to come in during a difficult and exhausting time for us and not only give us much needed help, but also allowed us to feel much better in our roles as new parents. I am recommending you to everyone I know.”  

     “Maggie was the best person that we could have possibly had a t a time when we really needed help. Her humor, kindness, and genuine love for babies shows and we really learned a ton from her. I strongly recommend her to anyone! Wish she was still here!”

       Kathy taught us everything from bathing, to feeding, to soothing..I had zero experience with infants and we have no family that could help – Kathy gave me a great deal of confidence. She fit right into our household and we felt better (and calmer) the second she arrived.

      Kathy and Muriel worked with us in the first weeks following the birth of our twin sons. Her support was in valuable. Kathy was always accessible for help and advice, she was knowledgeable and professional in lactation, and childcare. We knew we were in good hands. 

 “Service was wonderful and surpassed our expectations. We love you guys!
The care was warm, professional and generally a huge comfort to this second-time mom. Thank you! 
Rebecca, Newton

Simply Amazing”!
Jen, Needham

“We had a great experience. Kathy checked in with me before I delivered and was very helpful even before our daughter was born. We had such a great experience with Muriel taking care of our daughter that we are reluctant to ever give her up. I even took a picture of her so that I can tell my daughter all about the woman who helped us take such good care of her during her 1st five weeks.  Thanks for everything.”

There is nothing I would recommend more to new parents than Mother & Child services! They took the time and care to make us feel safe and comfortable. Our son was in good hands and we slept, peacefully and with confidence… They offered good advice, took great care of our son and made us happy.”

Though we probably would have survived without the help of Mother & Child, I am so glad we didn’t have to! Even just Kathy and Mary Ellen coming 2 or 3 times a week gave us a much-needed break from the stress of newborn parenthood. Not to mention the priceless information that comes from their experience with newborns.  They are very hard to let go of and we will definitely use their services again. I have many friends who have used other services and in comparison, Mother & Child feels like you are inviting a friend over to help care for your child. It is a much more personable experience by far.

Mother & Child services were wonderful.  The staff is friendly, caring and experienced.  My husband and I felt very comfortable leaving our little one in their hands.

“My experience with Mother & Child was wonderful. I always felt that my son was looked after with love and compassion. It made the transition into motherhood easier with the extra support and experience offered by the knowledgeable staff of Mother & Child. I can’t thank them enough!” 

“I had the pleasure of having Kathleen as my postpartum doula for 2 months after my third child was born. Because of my needs, it was very important to me that I have someone with me who was of high compassion and intelligence, and Kathy was that person.  I can say without a doubt that it is Kathy’s excellent care that played a pivotal role in my postpartum recovery.” 

“Our care was fabulous! The care was so much more then we had expected.  Your ad just doesn’t say enough about the amount of education that you would offer or all the help in putting the baby on a gentle sleep routine.” 

“Your service made my daughter’s first three months a delight instead of a sleep deprived blur.  Everyone was reassuring, calm, and supportive, and I was able to sleep so I could be at my best during the day.  To top if off, my daughter was sleeping 8P-5A by 3 months, Thanks!”

“My husband I were recently blessed with the birth of a healthy baby boy, our third child and Kathy was there all the way! From prenatal education refresher to the delivery room and home again.  As a whole, we found Kathy professional, knowledgeable and dedicated to helping families and their newborns.  A breath of fresh air.  We would highly recommend her.”

“We really, really miss our time with you each week. You helped us gain so much confidence as mothers, you made us feel like you loved our babies, and in general it was a very special gift that you gave us.”

“Kathy is one of the most dependable nurses I have seen or have had the pleasure to know.  I have found her to be honest and dependable with the kindest heart.” 

“It has been a pleasure having Maggie in our home.  She was immediately part of the family and loved our baby as her own.” 

“I can recommend Muriel without hesitation.  She helped our family when our second child was born recently. I found her to be supportive and knowledgeable.  In general she helped the household and family adjust to the new baby and run smoother.” 

Mary Ellen was wonderful. We enjoyed all the reassuring conversations and of course, the blueberry muffins.”