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Helping your child to sleep through the night is one of life’s earliest challenges. The newborn experts from Mother & Child are here to help you and your child have a wonderful night’s sleep.     .

The Mother & Child Team has been caring for families in the Massachusetts area for many years. We find that sleep is the most discussed topic and our overnight support, the most often requested. As a result of this experience, we have developed a program that will help answer all your infant and sleep questions, support you through the decisions necessary to move forward with your sleep choices and be there with you to offer the overnight care. 

We find that our program works well because of the team approach.  The combination of daily phone coaching, overnight support and the family’s commitment to a practical daily schedule will quickly and efficiently help you accomplish your goals.

We will combine your family’s philosophies and beliefs, with the expertise of the Mother & Child professional and develop a care plan that is best for your child and family. We will need to take into consideration your baby’s nutritional requirements, the method of feeding, neurological development and how this affects the moro-reflex, the advantages of daily consistency and basic healthy sleep habits.

Five easy steps and you’ll be on your way!!

First, it is necessary to interview the parents and determine that your child is healthy and mature enough to actually sleep through the night. 

Second, we will conduct a lengthy interview regarding present habits, sleep patterns, eating patterns and review the Mother & Child sleep guide and charts.

Third, we will assign homework to prepare for our scheduled overnight visits.

Fourth, determine a schedule for overnight visits; often this is a pattern of every other night for one week (usually at least 3 nights are needed) On some occasions, a few more nights are scheduled.

Fifth, we will schedule your hour-long phone consults to review the activities of the night and the plan moving forward.

We look forward to hearing from you,

A recent Sleep Coaching Family - Elizabeth and Ed –

“We highly recommend Mother & Child to new families looking for help in addressing their baby’s sleep issues!  At four and a half months, our daughter was waking three and sometimes four times a night.  She was also still dependent on her swaddle, pacifier and had trouble soothing herself to sleep.  She wasn’t getting the healthy sleep she needed and because of her dependence on her “newborn” sleep associations, night feedings and reliance on us to put her back to sleep, she was also not learning how to soothe herself back to sleep when she awoke at night. My husband and I were at our wits end, exhausted severely sleep deprived ourselves and desperate for a workable plan of action to implement and get our family on a track of healthy sleep habits and routines.  Mother & Child, (Yolanda and Kathy) came to our rescue and in less than a week, Lily was not only sleeping through the night, she was no longer dependent on her swaddle, pacifier and her night feedings were eliminated by shifting to the day time.“

“What is so great about the Mother & Child “sleep coaching” approach is that it is one that takes into account the individual baby and parent’s unique situation and needs. Kathy and Yolanda carefully assessed our family’s unique challenges and devised a program or “plan of attack” specifically tailored and appropriate for our family.  The daily phone follow-up with Kathy was wonderful and additional support!  The results, in just one week, were amazing!! Thanks to Kathy and Yolanda, we now have a baby girl who is happy, well rested, sleeping consistently through the night, able to soothe herself to sleep and no longer is dependent on her: newborn swaddle or the pacifier.  Needless to say, we, her parents, are finally getting our sleep and feel happy, healthy and relieved.! 

Thank you Mother & Child, for giving us our life back!!”