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Pediatric Nurse Appointment

Private consults may be scheduled with a Pediatric Nurse.  This visit is the perfect  time to discuss and learn privately and leisurely about your newborn’s care.  Some suggested topics are:

  • Instruction in daily newborn care and bathing
  • Breastfeeding Education and Assessment
  • Dr. Karp’s Soothing & Swaddling Methods
  • Sleep, sleep, and sleep routines
  • Stimulating play and tummy time,

Your Pediatric Nurse will also discuss any of your particular questions or needs.   We realize your newborn concerns may change from week to week and we are here to support your transition into parenthood.  Your may continue to schedule daily visits on a weekly or monthly basis.
If your child requires medical intervention and a Pediatric Nurse is best suited for this responsibility, please contact the Mother & Child office to discuss your child’s particular needs.   Medical insurance programs do not usually pay the fee for our service. If your child has Mass Health insurance, the fee may possibly be reimbursed