Overnight Support

Prenatal and Postpartum Care

Newborn care - Day, Evening, Night

The Role of Your Newborn Specialist During an Overnight Visit :

Most importantly, your professional newborn specialist will provide you and your newborn with exceptional care. 

She will offer hands on guidance and instruction in newborn care:

  • She will assist you in the feeding of your newborn either by breast, bottle or both.  We will discuss the sanitary process of handling, expressing and storing of breastmilk.  
  • Demonstrate infant care techniques such as bottle feeding, burping, diapering, umbilical care, circumcision care, bathing, swaddling and safe sleeping.
  • Support you while you develop your own style of nurturing and bonding with the baby.
  • Assist you with developing healthy structured sleep habits for your newborn.
  • Discuss the healthy norms of newborns and their patterns of growth and development.
  • Instruction in the Dr. Karp’s Happiest Baby theories and a complimentary waffle weave  swaddle blanket.
  • She will keep a record of the newborn’s intake, output, and sleep habits.

She will assist with the physical comfort of the new mother:

  • She will work with you to develop a feeding and care plan that allows the mother to take time to rest for proper physical and emotional health.
  • Assure that the new mother has an adequate amount of nutrition and hydration.
  • Support and offer the new mother information on the healthy care of her postpartum body. Discuss the norms of healthy breasts during the process of lactation.
  • Supply you with referral information for resources such as mom support groups, lactation care, postpartum adjustment and pediatric care.

Offer support for emotional changes of the family in transition:

  • Support and validate the normal adjustment period for new parents and other siblings.
  • Support new mother with the possible return to work.
  • Support the parents through the transition to their new role and the additional new responsibilities.
  • Help the new family to understand the normal adjustment period for older siblings when a newborn arrives.

The newborn is always the primary concern but the postpartum assistant will also:

  • Wash and sanitize all bottles, nipples, etc. and pacifiers. 
  • Prepare formula and fill bottles needed for the following day.
  • Wash, sanitize all breastpump equipment and prepare/store for the next use.
  • Proper handling, storing and preparing of bottles of expressed breast milk.
  • Light kitchen care including the loading/unloading of dishwasher and counter clean up.
  • The wash and fold baby laundry.
  • Restock changing table with available supplies such as diapers and wipes.
  • Empty full diaper disposal system