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Please contact the office to schedule your lactation consult.

What is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, IBCLC?
A Lactation Consultant is a healthcare professional with a considerable amount of clinical hours of direct care of the breastfeeding mother and lactation assistance newbornbaby. They are required to acquire many hours of education in the fields of lactation, counseling / psychology, anatomy and physiology, early childhood development, breastfeeding equipment and technology, pharmacology and ethical issues. The Lactation Consultant must also pass a stringent examination followed by recertification every five years. A Lactation Consultant may also maintain other medical credentials such as Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner or Registered Dietician though this is not mandatory.

Do I need to see a Lactation Consultant?
You may find a private consultation helpful if:

• Your newborn is not latching or you are having pain during the latch
• You have signs of engorgement or continued nipple pain
• Your newborn does not appear to be satisfied after a feed
• Your baby is not feeding 8-10 times in a 24 hour period after the third day
• Your baby does not appear to be urinating or passing bowel movements
• You are concerned about your milk supply
• You have what appear to be signs or symptoms of a plugged duct or mastitis
• Your baby is slow to gain weight
• You would like information on renting and using a breastpump
• You will be returning to work and expressing milk
• You have decided to express breast milk and bottle feed

What will take place at the initial consult?
The IBCLC will review your health, pregnancy, labor, delivery and discuss your present breastfeeding experience. They will also discuss your present and future goals for breastfeeding your baby. A weight will be taken on our specialized scale before the start of the nursing session.* (A repeat weight may be taken at the end of the feeding session) We will then observe the baby feeding at the breast, make an assessment and provide you with a detailed Care Plan specific to your feeding experience and your personal goals. A follow-up appointment or phone support will be discussed.

Will my health insurance cover this visit?
Many healthy insurance providers will reimburse you for one or more visits with an IBCLC for reasons listed above. We will supply you with an invoice to be submitted to your insurance provider for reimbursement. Payment to Mother & Child is due at the time of appointment.

* The Medela baby weigh scale is able to assess the intake of your baby with the accuracy of 2 grams or ½ tsp.


Lactation Reference

Kathy came to assist me with my fourth little girl when she was about 10 days old. I have to say that her invaluable knowledge and very professional manner was priceless as this time in our lives. She was able to answer a multitude of questions I had about breastfeeding particularly with regards to a yeast infection that I thought we might never get rid of! (we did thanks to Kathy!) The early support I received from Kathy ensured that I managed breastfeeding our daughter for over a year.

C.T., Harvard, MA